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DIVISION ONE MEN ONLY (2017/16) 2017/18 schedule in Match Centre Tennis SA
OCT 8 1v6 3v8 5v2 (7v4)    
  15 (2v3) (4v1) 6v7 8v5    
  22 1v8 3v5 6v4 7v2    
  29 (2v1) 4v3 (5v6) 8v7    
NOV 5 1v3 (4v2) 6v8 (7v5)    
  12 (1v7) (3v6) 5v4 8v2    
  19 2v6 4v8 (5v1) 7v3    
  26 2v5 4v7 6v1 8v3    
DEC 3 1v2 3v4 6v5 7v8    
  10 2v4 (3v1) 5v7 8v6    
  17 2v8 (4v5) 6v3 (7v1)    
No Matches Dec 24 to Jan 28 inclusive
FEB 4 1v4 (3v2) 5v8 7v6    
  11 (2v7) 4v6 5v3 8v1    
  18 (1v5) 3v7 6v2 8v4    
  25 1v3 4v2 6v8 7v5    
MAR 4 2v6 (4v7) (5v1) 8v3    
  11 1v8 3v5 6v4 (7v2)    
  18 (2v1) (3v4) 5v6 8v7    
  25 Semi Finals
  1 Preliminary Finals
  8 Grand Finals        
Bold = Early            
Brackets = Late            
Bye = Normal            
1. ETKG Green 2. ETKG Gold 3. Old Ignatians 4. The Drive
5. Rostrevor 6. Stirling 7. Beaumont 8. Bye

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